We’ve been camped out at a hotel a block from the Green Bay airport the past three nights waiting out Blizzard Evelyn.  24” of snow.  Winds 25 mph to 30 mph with gusts to 45 mph.  Yesterday afternoon from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM we had whiteout conditions.  Biggest snow event since 1888.  We love snow storms.  But when we say its bad, it is bad.


We knew the storm was coming so headed to the airport Friday evening when the weather was good and took a room at the hotel.  The flight was Saturday morning at 8:45 AM.   The forecast called for snow overnight but a lull in the morning so we expected the flight would go.  Snowed more than expected overnight and the flight was canceled along with all other flights out of Green Bay.   We got notified at 1:40 AM about the cancellation.  By 5:00 PM they closed the airport.


We were rescheduled for a Sunday morning flight but were not optimistic it would go because the second part of the snow storm was forecast for Saturday night into Sunday.  Got notice of the flight cancellation by 7:30 PM Saturday with no rescheduled flights.


Snow HotelThe weather got steadily worse Sunday.  By 2:00 PM, whiteout conditions with high winds and heavy snow.  By 4:00 PM whiteout conditions abated with some reduction in snow fall.  By 6:00 PM it was a normal snow storm again.  Overnight the storm weaken.  By Monday morning its just snow showers but an inch more is still possible.


Flight is now scheduled for 10:53 AM.  The weather should be okay for the flight but the airline has to have the equipment and personnel in place too.  Airlines depend on logistics and schedules and this weather wrecks those plans.   We expect to get back somehow today.