by George Straka


Four score and seven years ago, Walter Zander brought forth from these woods maple syrup conceived  in hard work and dedicated to the proposition that all people should enjoy maple syrup.

Now we are engaged in the great time of collecting, testing whether that maple or any other maple tree so conceived and so dedicated to giving harvest can long endure.  We are met at the time of collecting.  We have come to harvest a portion of these woods as a reminder of all who gave of their time and love of the woods to preserve and to produce the way of making maple syrup.  It is fitting and proper that we should do this.

Folks will little note, nor really wonder how maple syrup is made, but we can always appreciate the work that goes into such a harvest.  It is from these woods under God that produces devotion of the collecting of the maple sap.  And the sap collected from the woods, by the family, of the family, of Walter Zander shall not perish from these very mapleacres.