Into the woods by 9:00 AM to finish up.  Bring in all the utensil and milk cans.  Wash the floor with the remaining R/O water.  Bring in the tanks.  Disconnect the propane gas tank.  Final tasks: take down the clock and unplug the radio.  Back to the farmhouse by 11:00 AM ending the season.

But at 10:00 AM a cold rain started to fall.  Its a precursor to the snow storm coming this weekend.   The final hour of washing the floor and getting in tanks was done in the cold rain.  We’ve done that with regularity over the years.

36 overnight.  Cloudy and rainy today with cold wind.  Thermometer said 36.

It was a great season.  Good crop.  Well paced sap flows and cooking.  Our improvements helped make for an easier season.

We’ll be back here in February 2019.