It was down to 20 last night. Today was sunny and up to 45. The trees did drip. Not enough to collect yet, but we should be able to collect tomorrow. And that may be our last collecting as we start to bring the season to a close. Several reasons.


1.) We already have over 60 gallons (241 quarts) of syrup which is our “normal.”
2.) We are running out of firewood. Our wood shed is kind’a bare.
3.) We are running out of time. We have other commitments we need to get to next week so we have to wrap this up.

We started washing bottles off today. When we fill the bottles they always get sticky. Some syrup always seems to spill over. Before we put our labels on we have to wash them off. And we are having a special sticker label made up saying “1918-2008 90 Years.”

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