The day stated sunny, but cold. It was down to 22 overnight. About 1:00 pm the wind stopped and it warmed. The trees dripped some, but not enough to collect. Maybe tomorrow. Its forecast to be similar to today.

We did get caught up with bottling. Bottled three times. About 49 quarts. And we emptied the storage tanks. We are ready for more sap.

About gloves. We wear gloves often. We need them when bringing in wood, firing the evaporator or handling the hot syrup. But we also have to take them off often to wash things, read the hydrometer or handle more delicate things. Often we take off the gloves to do something, but when we need them again a few minutes later we can’t find them. We spend a lot of time walking around looking for our gloves. Its a small building and you would think we would remember, but when you are busy its hard to remember where the gloves are. We often laugh at ourselves for running around looking for our gloves.

Today’s count
0 gallons new sap
173 quarts total syrup bottled