Into the woods by 9:00 AM.  Got the pans off the evaporator.  Got a tank of water from the farmhouse.  Rinsed the pans then placed back on the evaporator.  Filled the flue pan with water.  Syrup in the front pan.  We finish the syrup in the front pan while boiling water the in the flue pan to clean it.

About 11 gallons of partly cooked sap in the milk cans.  Didn’t take long to finish it.  Our careful cooking Saturday paid off by reducing to almost done.  By 1:45 PM it was ready to take off.  About 5 gallons.   Puts us well past 90 gallons for the season.

By 2:30 PM we went out to pickup the buckets and covers and get them back to storage.  The sun was bright.  Temperature 62.  Dried the buckets from yesterday’s rain.  Getting the buckets back from the woods is a big item to complete.

Running another wash cycle on the R/O membrane.   Tomorrow we start cleaning the evaporator pans.

Snow forecast for Wednesday into Thursday. Amounts depend on where the cold line will be.  Farther North, we get rain or wintery mix.  Farther South we get a lot of snow.

Back to the farmhouse by 4:00 PM.