Into the woods by 8:00 AM get syrup on the finishing pan.    While it heated we returned to the buckets.   Finished taking down all the buckets and spouts by 3:00 PM however there was a break of several hours for bottling.   The buckets and covers are still in the woods up side down to dry.  We’re hoping for a window of dry weather the next few days so we can get them all in and stored for next season.

Syrup was ready by 10:30.  Bottled 17 quarts and  1 pint.    Its darker but sill looks nice. 

We had snow squalls all day.  A few minutes of intense snow then sunshine again.    Nothing accumulated.  But right now it snowing hard with ¼ to ½ inch accumulation.  Everything is white again.  Won’t last.

Once all the buckets were down we turned out attention to the evaporator.   Took out about 15 gallons of sap.  Expecting 2-3 gallons of syrup from it.   Tomorrow we get a tank of water and start the fire to clean the pan while we finishing the remaining sap.

Back to house by 4:30 PM.