Into the woods by 8:00 AM to get the evaporator setup.  With 625 gallons of sap in the tanks we needed to start the evaporator and cook.  Took 2 hours to get things cleaned and setup.  By 10:00 AM we ran sap into the evaporator and lite the fire.   By 10:30 we had a boil.  Cooked  until 5:00 PM.  Emptied the 175 gallon tank.   We use the 175 gallon tank to hold concentrate from the R/O so emptied it first so its available when we get the membrane.

Change in the weather pattern today.  22 overnight.  Cloudy, but warmed to upper 30s about 10:00 AM.  Trees started dripping a bit.  But then a front moved through accompanied by a gusty winds.   The skies cleared and the temperature dropped.    By 3:00 PM it was 27.  The rest of the week the forecast is 20’s for the highs, teens for the lows.   No sap.  But we’ll get caught up cooking.