Down to 25 overnight.  That was unexpected.  Started out sunny, but clouds moved in by 10:00 AM.  Later this afternoon it cleared.  Temperature up to 48.


Into the woods by 8:00 AM.  Busy day.  Cleaned syrup pan.  Prepped the R/O.  Started the fire.  Ran the R/O.   Had to empty a milk can into the finishing pan so we had room for today’s syrup.    Also managed the R/O water.   Filled everything we could and prepared water for washing the tanks.   Tried to save and use whatever we could as dumping it doesn’t make sense.  Batches of syrup become ready much quicker with concentrate so you are constantly monitoring.  It was 1:30 PM before we could even sit down.


By 3:00 PM our concentrate tank was empty and we were ready to collect.   Picked up 510 gallons.  But a lot of that run was from yesterday.   It tired to drip today but did not really get going.  Some taps are drying out.    The warm weather the next few days will not help.   This weekend its forecast for a return to freezing nights. Hoping for one more good run for the season.


Tonight does not freeze.  Tomorrow warm and rain possible.  Running an R/O wash tonight.  That will take 7 to 8 hours.


Into the house by 5:30 PM.