Collected 515 gallons of sap today.  With this sap we are about 300 gallons of sap away from an average season.  2.5 Brix for raw sap.  Ran the R/O and got 175 gallons of concentrate at 5.0 Brix.  Still have 185 gallons of raw sap in the storage tank.  The soap wash did help the R/O  preform better.  We did not need to ran at 500 psi.   Doing a warm wash this evening.  The R/O will turn off when the water temperature reaches 113 degrees which may take until midnight.


Checked the woods at 12:30 PM.  Found a lot of almost full buckets.  Washed out the collecting and storage tanks.  Started collecting about 2:45 PM.  Finished by 5:30 PM.  Finished pumping the collecting tank in the storage tanks and getting the R/O into its wash cycle.  Back to the house by 6:45 PM.  Tomorrow we cook.


Today was sunny and warmed to 53.  Must have fell to upper 20s overnight because there was ice on puddles this morning.  The sap ran started late yesterday.  We noticed yesterday the trees were trying to run.   After our sleet yesterday the temperature warmed to about 40.


Tonight we get sleet again late.  Tomorrow not as warm.