Down to 20 overnight.  Partly cloudy and only up to about 33 during the day.    But the March sun is warm and the trees did run.  Between yesterday and today there was a good sap run.  We went out collecting at 3:00 PM.  There was ice in the buckets.  Picked up the sap and dumped the ice because it does not contain much, if any, sugar.  Usually we battle ice early in the season, but it was so warm earlier there was no ice.


We pickup up 375 gallons of sap.  2.2 Brix.  We expected a higher Brix because of dumping the ice.  If we did not have ice there would have been close to 500 gallons of sap.


Cold again tonight, but tomorrow warms so there will be another sap run.  The trees were still pinging away as we collected.  It was about 28 degrees when we finished.


In the house by 6:00 PM.  Tomorrow we cook.