Push to finish now.  Every hour, every task counts now as time is not our friend. We must be done by tomorrow.  Sunday we fly back.


Got a tank of water this morning.  Emptied all the sap from the evaporator.  About 16 gallons.   Filled the big pan with water and cleaning solution.  Sap in the front.  Light the fire to cook the sap and warm the water with the cleaning solution.  In between we picked up buckets and covers and took spouts.  About 75 buckets and covers remain to pickup.  And about 150 of the blue 5/16” spouts need to come out yet.  Those spouts are harder to remove.  They grip the hole tightly and will break if you are not very careful and patient removing them.


After dusk we stayed to finish and bottle the sap we cooked down from the evaporator.  It was warm so it was fast.  Small batch of 2 gallons.  Grade B syrup.  Tomorrow we have a milk can full to finish and bottle yet.


Into the woods by 8:00 AM.  Back to the house by 9:15 PM.


To finish tomorrow.


Clean evaporator

Finish and bottle last milk can of syrup

Get all the buckets, covers and spouts in