This seasons seems like Mother Natures apology for last season.   Last season: short, warm weather, small crop.  This season will bring a bumper crop.   We collected 385 gallons of sap today.  When finished and bottled this should put us over 100 gallons of syrup.  In so many of the past seasons warm weather has been our foil.  This season just keeps going and going.  Sugar content did drop.  Yesterday we had 3 brix.  Today was 2.4 brix.  That’s a big change.

Cooked last night until 2:30 AM.  Actually that was this morning.  Four hours of sleep then back into the woods by 7:15 AM.  Overnight down to 27 or 28.  Today was mostly sunny and 52.    A few sprinkles this afternoon, then the sun appeared again. 

We started collecting a little after 4:00 PM.  On the west side of the woods the pails we full.  But as we worked to the east side, the quantity decreased.   We always start collecting on the west side of the woods so those trees run after the pickup.  And the next day they have sap again.

About three days of cooking ahead.  Realistically we can not collect more sap as we now have to get into clean up mode.