The biggest cleanup task is done.   Cleaning the evaporator, especially the bottom that gets exposed to the fire, is the hardest and dirtiest job.  Scrapped off a layer of burnt on soot first with a  putty knife.  Then sprayed with oven cleaner.  Finally used the metal scrub pads on the pan.  The bottom of the evaporator looks like new.   Its nice and shiny now.  Cleaner then even past years.  Turned out that it wasn’t as hard to clean as past years either. Using the putty knife first to scrap off a layer of soot made the difference.   But its still is a dirty job.  The scrapped off black soot blows around.  The wash water gets black with the soot.  And the cleaning chemicals are hard on the hands.

Also swept and washed the floor.   Only a few items remain for cleanup tomorrow.