Into the woods by 9:00 am to work on cleanup.  Took down the pipes from the storage tanks to the evaporator.  Cleaned the storage tanks.  Emptied the sap from the evaporator, there was only about 15 gallons left from yesterday, and put it in the finishing pan to boil down.  It takes longer to boil on the finishing pan because the LP gas is not as hot as a wood fire, but with such small amounts we don’t have a choice.    Got a tank of water.  Filled the evaporator with water and cleaning solution.  It has to sit for a day before we can really get it cleaned out.  The pans actually look pretty good and should clean up easily.    Picked up the remaining buckets and covers from the woods: they are all in the building now stored away until next season.  

All that remains for tomorrow is to clean the evaporator pans and finish boiling down the last sap.