It was up to 40, but the rain started about 1:00 pm.  It was cloudy before that.  We spent the day working on yesterday pickup of 425 gallons.  And we did go out collecting around Noon.  We picked up another 200 gallons.  This was mostly from yesterday run yet.  They trees were dripping pretty good yesterday afternoon.  They spouts were wet today, but there was not a new run because it did not freeze overnight.    We plan for this to be the last collection for this season.  Time is running short.  We all have other obligations to move on to next week.  But it turned out to be a good season.   We picked up 2990 gallons of sap.  We bottled another 32 quarts today giving us about 252 quarts, 63 gallons, so far.  With the sap we have to boil down yet we will end up with 70 gallons or so.