Mostly sunny and up to 47 or so.  Sap dripped a little.  We are planning to collect either Friday or Saturday before the storms.  The forecast is still for snow on Saturday late afternoon.  Maybe 3-5 inches but it will depend on the track of the storm moving in from the plains states.  Around Denver, CO they are getting 18 inches and blizzard conditions.  

Came across old maple syrup production records from 1946-1972.   The paper is old and getting brittle.  The writing is fading.  Transcribing the records to preserve them or they will be lost to the ages.   Looking at the records shows that the season has pretty much shifted to start a month earlier.    Even into the 60s the maple syrup season was the end of March and mostly through April.  Now the season starts and ends pretty much in March.   And the production numbers seem suspect.  In the late 60s 100 buckets would be put out and 35 gallons of syrup made.  That seems way too high.  100 buckets would make about 15 gallons.   But the records reflect what they did at the time.   The syrup was likely not made the proper density so they were able to stretch the amount made.