37 overnight. Sunny and 63 today. Felt warm. We did not get a sap run. Checked the trees at 8:00 AM. A few had sap, but it was 1 Brix.

Took down buckets and pulled spouts. Dumped any sap in the buckets. Done by 9:00 AM.

On to the evaporator. Emptied sap from the evaporator into buckets. About 17 gallons to finish. Got the pans off and rinsed. Went for a tank of water. Replaced pans. Filled the flue pan with water and later cleaning solution when the water was boiling. Sap to finish went into the front syrup pan. Evaporator going by 11:45 AM. By 3:30 PM all the remaining sap cooked and into the milk can. Two batches to finish and bottle. Separated this last syrup from the evaporator into its own batch because its typically darker and did not want to mix with the earlier batch.

We’ll end up with around 20 gallons. Somewhere along the way we under counted sap collected.