Transplanted 20 trees in front of the syrup building. Ranged in height from 4′ to 6′ with one tree at 7’+. The ground was moist so got a good root ball. A good root ball causes less stress on the tree. Buds just started coming out. This was a good time to transplant.

Transplanted 14 trees on Saturday and 6 on Sunday. Used a small wagon. Allowed us to get close to the tree for moving the root ball. Milorganite in the hole. Move the tree. Stomp down. Add water.

Expect some mortality. In October 2012 transplanted four trees. Two survived. Hoping for better results this time. The area in front of the syrup building has no young saplings. With luck we might be able to tap in our lifetime. That would be 25-30 years away.

Its now up to mother nature.